Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drinking responsibly, Driving responsibly

Time and again, driving along major roads, looking at newspaper and magazine advertisements and also countless ads on the TV set, we are bombarded again and again by this message, some call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - "Do not mix Drink and Drive" or "Drink Responsibly" etc etc...

It is easier said than done, there are hundreds of urban myths and legends surrounding the Drink, multiply this number by say a thousand and you get the permutation of legends and myths about Drinking and Driving.

One of my favorites is "If you can't sign your name after x number of drinks, you've had too many!"

But I have personally violated this rule and seen it violated by many of my friends and colleagues.

I for one always know when I have had enough and to what extend I can control my ride, be it a bi-cycle, a motorbike, a car or a 4x4. I do not want to dive into my drinking habits, but just want to make a simple point:

The best judge of how much a person had drunk and to what extent he/she can control his/her bike, car or even walk, is that person himself/herself.

Here comes the catch, the person has to be aware that he/she is his/her own judge...

I will never get behind the wheel or the handle if I can't handle it. For me, this is drinking responsibly, this is driving responsibly.

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