Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kathmandu valley bandh - 25 January 2012

Different student unions today imposed a bandh in Kathmandu valley, that spans cities in three districts - Bhaktapur to the East, Kathmandu in the center and Lalitpur to the South (looking from Kathmandu point of view).

Now I do not want to give an all encompassing overview of the bandh, I am just going to write about how I perceived the bandh in my short 8km walk today (Yeah! Short it was!!! Legs aching)

Uploaded below is a map of the route I took, I have tried to make it as nice as I can but I'm quite challenged when it comes to matters of drawing or art.

I started at the bottom right corner of the Map, and took the green route ending up at the top left corner. :-) Here is what I saw along the route:
  • 3 Ambulances and 1 Hospital staff bus.
  • 2 Police Jeeps and two trucks
  • 3 Motorcycles, one was kind enough to give me a short lift of about 500 meters when the kind man got a call on his cellphone that come home or something.
  • 2 cars of diplomatic missions.
  • About 10 cycles.
  • 5 rubbish collection rickshaws.

I will continue to tweet (@bullet350) about the bandh and also maybe follow up with a blog post later about my walk back.

Additional news of the bandh can be found at:

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