Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easier getting into Kathmandu

On numerous occasions, I have waited for a fairly long length of time to get into Kathmandu city when driving into the capital (both from eastern - Bhaktapur route and western Thankot route), once I remember spending as much as 8 hours in a traffic jam at Kalanki.

More recently however, there is a welcome difference to this, better traffic management, i.e. more traffic police at the site and concrete road dividers (that I've seen stopping a LandCruiser driving at 120 kmph+ in its tracks, ofcourse the LC collided with it!) and road widening...

Now the drive from Thankot inside and crossing Kalanki is, dare I say it, quite easy...

Today, it was picked up by a news paper (Republica), here's a link to the story:

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